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Marc "Doobz" Dubois

Coach Doobz is the leader of Team Doobz and DoobzFit LLC
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Dakota Lane

CEO of Dakota Lane Fitness where I coach people all over the world remotely by creating and designing customized nutrition plans, personalized exercise programs, and coach them with accountability to implement them.
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Jay Mongiello

Jay is the CEO & Founder of Limitbreak, a creative marketing and design agency
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Jonathan Marcotte

I am Jonathan Marcotte and I am a clinical psychologist
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Kyle Riley

Dr. Kyle Riley, owner/director of Northern Colorado Spine and Sport, received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of the Pacific. He is also a CrossFit Level-1 trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
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Ben Timmis

Tim Zittle

I’m a visionary and love the idea of being able to create my life.

Michael Henry

Hey, I’m Michael. I’m currently living in Denver, Colorado, having fun in the mountains on my bike & skis. I work at Adobe as a Product Manager on Rush, a video editing app. I enjoy creating photo/video (mostly with my GoPro) and making music with my guitar. I love meeting like minded people and getting out there! Hit me up on Instagram (@meetmichaelhenry) or visit me personal website to get in touch!

Brett Knopf

I’m a Human Performance Coach + Business Coach. I help individuals and businesses identify root cause opportunities that are holding them back from achieving their optimal results and collaboratively create customized solutions that directly address those opportunities and enhance pre-existing strengths.

JD Saunders

Rocco Ambrosio

I'm a filmmaker and photographer. Born and raised in Northern California I currently call Los Angeles home. My storytelling bridges the gap between narrative work and branded content. Whether it's personal projects or for clients my approach to connecting with the audience is examining the human condition and elevating the dignity of the human person.
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Adam Lingo

Ridge Bachman

David Smith

I'm David and i am a helper/trainer/coach i am honoured to be part of a group of simular beings, lets master ourselves together to help the rest

Stephen Froistad

Johnny Fortenberry

CEO of High Activity Online - Social Media and Internet Marketing Agency
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Josh Burton

I'm a full time career firefighter and coach at Table Rock CrossFit in Branson Missouri.

I like lifting heavy things, fast cars, America and terrible jokes.

Josh Escue


Muriel Dubois

Owner of Mountain Maman a small sewing business, which makes memory gears, bowl cozies, pillows, dog bandannas, baby baskets and custom sewing and craft requests.
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Noel Dubois

Nick Dubois

Brother of this Legend.
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Christian Brown

Chris Sandelli

Adam Crawford

Alex Monsell

Zack Klos

Peter K. Vaughn

Dylan Dorsich

Jake Muchado

Emillio Marquez

Raleigh Powell

Andrew Orlean

I'm a hairy beast.

Wayne Cook

Bart Thomas

Catholic, Husband, Father

Genesis Burkley

Alexandra Marcotte

Steven Von Clausburg

Sarah Ambrosio

Alex Malaska

Amanda Marquez

Seth Walker

Just a man looking to serve others

Mark Washco

Mark Washco is an online personal trainer and business coach at Mark Washco Fitness
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Harrison Farr

Aaron Klathu

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