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DoobzFit LLC was founded by Marc “Doobz” Dubois NASM-CPT CES CNC and exists to help people live their Life Above Limits by overcoming every limit in their lives.

A healthy, optimized, fit, and functional body is required for a LIFE ABOVE LIMITS. If your body is limited by excess weight, low strength, poor muscularity, limited flexibility, bad nutrition, low energy, low libido etc. It will be impossible to like LIFE ABOVE LIMITS.Most often a transformed body is the precursor to a transformed mind, heart, and spirit.

While not required for a limitless life, having a sexy aesthetic body will help you feel more confident and more comfortable in your own skin. This will lead to better self confidence which will transform your professional life, social life, and intimate relationships.

And if you’re honest with yourself, having that dream body that turns heads and makes you feel confident when you are naked, is something you have been silently hoping to get for a long time!

My Fitness and Nutrition Coaching includes everything you need to get in shape!

Think of me as the Mickey to your Rocky. It's my job to do whatever it takes to get you to the point where you can knock out your opponent. Whether you're battling poor health, low self-esteem, poor body image, or any other personal demon.

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I've been with Doobz's program for two months now, and I'm floored at the amount of support I get. He's willing to sit down, to walk me through everything, he's willing to answer random questions that I text over to him, and he keeps up constant communication and encouragement. He's understanding of my unique circumstances (my work involves a lot of travel) and need for flexibility, and making things work for me is his #1 priority!​

specialties & credentials

As a certified and insured fitness professional governed by the code of ethics and oversight of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), continuing education is a passion of mine (and a professional requirement). 

To date I am a certified… 

(Certified Personal Trainer)

This gives me a broad based skill set to work with most folks in a fitness setting including basic nutrition, all levels of program design, behavior change and coaching, accountability, exercise instruction, and adjustment etc. This credential qualifies me to work with anyone from the terrified beginner to the advanced and/or sport specific athlete and allows me to work with specific populations such as elderly and pregnancy

I cannot and do not dispense medical diagnoses or medical advice

(Corrective Exercise Specialist)

This gives me an in-depth understanding of programming and coaching around issues such as post rehabilitative exercise for joint replacement, back pain, neck pain, arthritis, sports injuries such as golfer or tennis elbow, post rehabilitate exercise of torn ACL, torn rotator cuff etc. This credential also gives me advanced training in stretching, foam rolling, posture correction, exercise form correction, and movement correction.

I cannot and do not dispense medical diagnoses or medical advice

(Certified Nutrition Coach)

This gives me advanced knowledge of nutritional approaches, behavior coaching around food and eating disorders, deeper understanding of how food is used in the body, and how to nutritionally program around a wide variety people, goals, and nutritional needs.

I cannot and do not do personalized meal design – that is the realm of a Registered Dietician or Nutritionist per state and federal law. Personalized meal design is outside of my “scope of practice” – as a CNC I can teach you how to build meals that meet your goals, needs, food options, budget, and lifestyle for lasting change – as a CNC I will give you the knowledge, tools to build meals, oversight, and accountability, but YOU MUST DECIDE WHAT YOU EAT AND WHEN


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