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Words, written and spoken, have incredible CREATIVE POWER

A powerful presentation, inspiring talk, practical seminar, or memorable quote has the power to create something out of nothing. Spoken words can create inspiration, motivation, ideas, breakthroughs, hope, positive energy, a renewed passion for life, etc.

I am humbled that my story has inspired, and continues to inspire, countless people. I have been a motivational speaker since I was 22. I have spoken to groups as small as 10, to as large as a 200. I have spoken to both secular and faith-based audiences.

My speaking style is marked by rich analogies, true stories, and practical wisdom drawn from my experience. At the heart of my story is my personal journey of overcoming many adversities, the greatest of which is my cerebral palsy, which I overcome daily. I speak about how I went from someone whom doctors said would be “a vegetable fit only to be put in a chair and forgotten about” to a fully functioning member of society with multiple degrees and a thriving full-time business. 

My story is one of doing the impossible (as others see it) and becoming a trophy-winning physique athlete by winning against able-bodied athletes naturally without any accommodation to my condition. My story is one of fighting for and continually laying hold of my Life Above Limits.

My story is far from over. I am actively pursuing a national qualification in men’s physique and am working toward making DoobzFit LLC my door to life and financial freedom, and a platform to change lives around the globe.

My story is a story of inspiration, hope, determination, of overcoming adversity to become the best version of myself, of making my dreams come true. My story will inspire you and your group, and you will walk away ready, and practically equipped, to pursue your Limitless Life