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While workout equipment and having access to a gym is awesome, it is not absolutely necessary to have those things to get a good workout! 

The key to a good workout, among other things, is intensity, tempo, time under tension, and resistance. 

Intensity and tempo are absolutely something you can create just by how hard you workout and how much you monitor your rest between sets. 

Time under tension and resistance you always have at your disposal -with or without gym equipment-… how? 

Through using your body and bodyweight! 

That’s where my “Doobz Deck” comes in! 

The idea of using a deck of cards to vary a workout isn’t new. I was popularized by the Marines a decade (or more) ago… 

I have taken the idea of a deck workout and added a few twists to it to make it way more challenging and absolutely able to be done anywhere with a deck of ordinary playing cards, a pair of ordinary dice, wherever you have space and time, and using just your bodyweight!

Traditional deck workouts mix bodyweight and equipment based movements. My deck is purely bodyweight.

Traditional deck workouts require special cards that show you the movement on the card , thereby limiting the deck to 52 possibilities. My deck isn’t a high priced specialty deck- and with a little research on the web- you can switch the exercises out for limitless alternatives. 

Once your learn the layout of the deck workout, you can plug and play exercises as much as you want!

Traditional deck workouts tell you to draw X number of cards….problem with that is your body will adapt to the demands of a fixed number of cards quickly and the gains will plateau fast… 

My deck uses a set of dice to randomize the number of cards in each workout making sure your body stays in muscle confusion as much as possible.

The dice also make sure that you’re challenging yourself and not taking the easy road. 

Tired or not if you roll 12. That’s 12 cards (exercises) you get to do period. And if the Universe gives you a break one day with only the minimum number of cards, it’s your lucky day.

As you can see this is not an ordinary deck workout!

Excited?  Ready to try it? Good! 

how it works

Step #1: 

Shuffle the deck* 

Step #2:

Roll the dice. Pull the number of cards indicated from the shuffled deck**

Step #3:

Decide which workout your going to do (Back, chest etc) from the attached spreadsheet

Step #4:

Perform the exercise indicated by the corresponding suit for the number of reps indicated by the number/face/ace/joker on that card. Rest for as little as needed before performing next card. Max rest period is 45 seconds (Repeat this step for all cards you pulled for this workout)***


*DO NOT shuffle your deck every workout. ONLY shuffle your deck when you have performed all the cards in the deck in a workout.

 (no avoiding the hard or high rep cards!)

**While you can just do the number of cards determined by the dice roll, I suggest you set a minimum number of cards that constitute a workout.

 (Let’s be honest if you roll snake eyes how hard is a two card workout going to be? The idea is to do a meaningful workout not just go through the motions to get it done.)

 I suggest a minimum of 4 cards (aka at least a 4 total on the combo of dice) I recognize that some people -if they are in poor health or have severe obesity or other health restrictions- a lower minimum might be better. Choose the minimum number of cards for your particular situation. Make sure you challenge yourself though!

*** “Fail on worst exercise” means that, lets say you’re doing chest, and diamond pushups are your worst chest exercise. That is you struggle to do them to the indicated reps or with good form. 

You pull a joker on chest day so you will do Diamond Pushups for as many reps as you can until you physically can’t do another rep.

(the Joker is never a good card to get in any card game so his appearance in your workout should be likewise not fun).

in conclusion

The deck may make you think  this is an “easy” workout. Depending what the dice do, the cards you pull, how much you restrict your rest periods, and how hard you push yourself this deck will be more then enough challenge for all but the most advanced fitness enthusiasts!

 This deck workout will be a great option to have when you are traveling, your daily schedule goes sideways and you need to get some workout time in regardless, or any number of other events occur- that require a workout you can literally fit in your pocket and do anywhere anytime time!

Feel free to email with any questions and to let me know how the workout is going for you! 

If you like this workout, and want to discuss my full fitness and nutrition coaching services, feel free to reach out. I am happy to set up a free no pressure fitness consultation with you!

To Life Above Limits,

Coach Doobz  

“Doobz Deck Workout” and its explanation contained herein are Copyright 2020 Doobzfit LLC All Rights Reserved 

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