Marc “Doobz” Dubois, NASM - CPT CES CNC

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The DoobzFit Program is designed to help you overcome any limit. Whether they be physical, mental, real, or imagined – you can achieve a Life Above Limits.


Meet The Founder of Doobzfit


Marc’s mission is clear: to guide individuals in creating lives that transcend any limits, whether real or imagined, mental, physical, or emotional. His comprehensive approach addresses every aspect of human existence, targeting both the body and the mind.

Marc’s personal journey is a testament to overcoming immense challenges. Born two months premature with a chronic condition similar to cerebral palsy, doctors gave a grim prognosis, predicting a life confined to a chair. However, Marc defied the odds, undergoing 18 surgeries and enduring countless hours of therapy. 

Despite facing adversity, he achieved academic success, earning two degrees and three professional licenses. His most significant triumph came as a NASM nationally certified personal trainer and three-time trophy-winning men’s physique athlete, establishing DoobzFit.

Now a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and nutrition coach, Marc dedicates himself to DoobzFit. With a 100% 5-star rating from clients nationwide, he has worked with over 300 individuals, spanning various fitness levels and age groups. 

DoobzFit is not just a fitness platform; it’s a beacon of inspiration, sharing Marc’s compelling story and motivating others to embrace a life without limits.

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